Coffee at Cinnamon Café Bar, Old Hall Street

Coffee at The Cinnamon Cafe Bar, Old Hall Street, Liverpool. Score criteria: choc 5pts biscuit 3pts; taste upto 5 points; size of cup upto five points; appearance and service upto five points.
This got 17 marks out of 20. See below for a breakdown.
Biscuit or chocolate/cake = 5
Cup size = 4
Taste = 4
Service and appearance = 4
Cinnamon is a cafe bar and has plenty of indoor seating. It does great takeaway service and also is a good place for impromptu meetings. A great place for a drink or to eat with friends/family.
Food wise it is good with a basic selection of reasonably priced food. They are mainly a cafe dealing with office workers, but they are friendly and helpful.


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